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Their angular deal with and extremely feline mannerisms distinguish your from the other clients

Their angular deal with and extremely feline mannerisms distinguish your from the other clients

They have a lean create and agile hands, perfect for plucking the fresh new chain from his lute when the love takes your

Vieri Barboro NE male half of-elf Bard (thrall) So it aloof bard performs from the tavern which is apparently seen tuning a good lute he barely takes on. Vieri’s wonders would be the fact he could be an effective spy and bodily sign of the latest tavern’s fuel, and that extends to determine through the years and you can space. While not a living animal, he is most keen on Hopes and dreams Hop out-a highly addictive material which makes distortions off impression. Vieri is pallid that have raven-black colored locks which he usually wears fastened straight back away from their face. Like other halfelves, they have some indicated ears and you will darkvision. He has got steely grey eyes set off by green veins you to definitely shine round the his face. Vieri deal a pouch of Fantasies Get off one to replenishes by itself on the conclusion every day. Vieri’s statistics is obtainable into webpage 234.

Bryn Harjolf has got the statistics out-of a good knight. But not oftentimes he is in keeping clothing alternatively from plate (Air conditioning 10). The guy including matches with his enchanted greatsword.

Weapon (greatsword), uncommon (requires attunement) This new wielder with the blade growth +step 1 to attack and you can destroy rolls made out of so it miracle gun. In addition, while adjusted compared to that weapon, the pages rates is increased of the 5 base and they’ve got advantage over initiative rolls. Curse. This greatsword is actually cursed, and you will to get adjusted so you can it offers new curse into attuned. Provided new curse remains the holder are reluctant 223

Jarah is acknowledged for her sleight of hand, taught to the woman of the Vieri Barboro

stylish. He’s the most recent attentive of one’s tavern, captured some forty years in the past. The guy idolises people that be like the fresh heroes in his favorite publication.

Jarah try a former 100 % free Swords thug having get with an excellent quick vibe. She finds out their captivity terrifically boring and you may likes to ticket the amount of time from the gaming otherwise doing consuming online game. She detests Bryn and openly mistrusts your. When you look at the combat, she likes a two-handed higher axe that she deal slung round the the lady back.

Mouse are moderate getting their decades-that’s moderate in reality, as the an early on halfling-that have blonde, frizzy hair and you may a beneficial cherubic face. He has dark brown eyes and you may a bit indicated ears. The guy wears a set of patched jeans having suspenders and you will an effective shed top, clearly made for a human kid bigger than simply himself.

Jarah possess an effective stocky make, that’s the only patron great site to face large than Bryn. As the an one half-orc, she’s got greyish surface and you will a robust, sticking out mouth, although the remainder of her face is actually decidedly women. She’s got a properly-muscled body away from numerous years of knowledge together with her greataxe, and a thicker black colored plait you to she wears off the girl back. Jarah comes with the stats out-of an experienced but she uses an excellent great axe unlike any firearm (greataxe. Melee Gun Assault: +5 going to, visited 5ft., one address. Hit: nine (1d12 + 3) slashing ruin), that will be in accordance dresses the majority of go out (Air cooling eleven).

Aren Letter men people Thief Aren and his awesome around three underlings are members of the fresh new Ebon Syndicate (all feel the stats off good spy). It well worth coin most importantly of all, and you will perform happily stimulate each other for the right rates. It pass their captivity because of the playing and you can doing other online game out of options, and always choice so you’re able to winnings, both up against their best reasoning. Aren has actually a good poor looks and rough articulation, more than likely the result of being brought up from inside the certainly one of theft away from an early age. Aren try lean and you can quick statured of numerous years of malnutrition, it is surprisingly nimble into their ft and you can a skilled lockpick. They have lank brownish hair and you can eco-friendly vision, and you will a tattoo of your Hawk Moth icon on his boobs. He’s tanned out-of years of trying out unusual perform so you’re able to pay his method from locations regarding Etharis, and you can address contact information other people having a rough Preferred feature.