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Harry came across fellow Hogwarts college student Luna Lovegood, good Ravenclaw, into 1 Sep, 1995 with the Hogwarts Share

Harry came across fellow Hogwarts college student Luna Lovegood, good Ravenclaw, into 1 Sep, 1995 with the Hogwarts Share

Luna Lovegood

Even in the event Harry discovered younger witch as an alternative strange, he had been pleased whenever she told him you to definitely she experienced their declare that Lord Voldemort got returned. She appeared to be one of the few people just who performed. Harry and you will Luna became friendlier by way of Dumbledore’s Armed forces. Once they fought together regarding Race of the Service from Mysteries Luna comfortable Harry along side death of their godfather, telling him on this lady late mother.

Next season, Harry defended Luna and you can Neville Longbottom when Romilda Vane created it were not worth getting together with, whereas the previous season he discovered the two while the shame to help you their condition facing Cho Chang. After in, the guy acceptance Luna to visit Slughorn’s Christmas time Group having your, because the a pal. Luna are happy, due to the fact she got never been acceptance to help you a celebration prior to and you can informed Ginny concerning the invitation. In party, Harry shown that inviting Luna was best and surely worthwhile in order to understand the looks of faces of Horace Slughorn, Severus Snape and you will Sibyl Trelawney when she said brand new Rotfang Conspiracy.

During the seasons where Harry, Ron, and you can Hermione visited look for Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes, Harry decided to go to the new Lovegood household and found that Luna had decorated the lady bed room which have pictures out of her four family: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. Harry discover the website to be most coming in contact with and you will thought high passion having Luna. Abreast of studying one Luna had been kept hostage because of the Demise People, Harry experienced considerably alarmed, to the stage of impression particular shame for her father to have trying to turn the latest trio set for ransom, but had believe during the Luna enduring nonetheless.

Throughout the prelude to your last race, Luna assisted Harry in the try to find Ravenclaw’s Diadem, having been one to inform Harry of its existence inside the the original lay, and you can she surprised Alecto Carrow whenever Harry is too astonished so you can move, and therefore most likely stored him of being kept captive up to Voldemort’s coming. Later on whenever Harry would definitely give up himself, the guy realized one to Luna is actually one of his closest nearest and dearest and you can one of many people he’d want to see prior to their dying.

Following Battle off Hogwarts, Luna was alone whom pointed out that Harry desired to get away from the brand new earn group, and authored an effective teenchat support distraction to ensure that he might go consult Ron and you may Hermione privately. Both stayed family relations into adulthood and Harry provided their de ”Luna” in the honour from their friend. Additionally, it is possible you to Harry became nearest and dearest together husband (Rolf Scamander) and you may next to her twins, Lorcan and you will Lysander.


Harry and Dobby had a very strong matchmaking. Dobby adored and you will recognized him very much, to the point in which he noticed Harry getting their ideal pal. Dobby turned a vitally important contour during the Harry’s existence, in addition to their matchmaking played a crucial role when you look at the Harry’s ultimate beat off Lord Voldemort. Whenever Harry very first satisfied Dobby he was a little while perplexed. Throughout every season, when Dobby produced attempts to drive Harry out of Hogwarts, causing certain instead unpleasant overall performance on your way, Harry made certain threats that were never adopted thanks to. Nearby the avoid of one’s 1992-1993 school year, Harry freed Dobby regarding bondage of your Malfoy relatives. Lucius turned resentful and you may intended to attack Harry, however, Dobby secure your that with a defensive enchantment. Dobby might have realized he underestimated Harry, just like the Harry was able to avoid Lucius’ patch and you may endure the latest Chamber off Secrets.