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Yucca moths are friends Prodoxidae and the genus Tegeticula

Yucca moths are friends Prodoxidae and the genus Tegeticula

The brand new yucca (Yucca spp.) in addition to yucca moth (Tegeticula spp.) express a mutually beneficial matchmaking, for every single determined by https://datingranking.net/tendermeets-review/ others to own emergency. The female yucca moth ’s the just pollinator of the yucca, while the yucca is the just caterpillar host bush of your yucca moth. Indeed, the brand new yucca and yucca moth express a symbiotic relationships that is so certified, for each yucca types is actually pollinated by only 1 form of yucca moth.

Classification and you will Diversity

Of one’s 80 or so varieties receive all over the world, throughout the 30 are indigenous to North america. Such moths are generally discovered wherever yucca vegetation build, essentially regarding sexy, wasteland areas of the newest southwestern United states and you will Main and you will South America.

People in the fresh Asparagaceae family members, the latest yucca genus includes at least 30 types of trees and you may shrubs. Yuccas are described as the hard, sword-such as actually leaves and large clusters out-of aromatic, white plant life. These types of plants basically grow in You. S. Agency out of Farming bush hardiness areas step 3 compliment of ten, whether or not hardiness varies because of the varieties.

Yucca Moth Breakdown

Yucca moths are usually silvery-white and you can quick – always less than an inch long. Particular enjoys black marks and you will hair-such as for instance fringes to their wings. Their lifetime is about a year, but the majority from it is spent regarding the pupal stage. Once the adult phase is very temporary, yucca moths don’t need to consume; for this reason, unlike almost every other moths, they don’t have enough time tongues for sipping nectar.Läs mer »Yucca moths are friends Prodoxidae and the genus Tegeticula